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我有金刚钻,揽下瓷器活Get my rolling pins, make no dumplings, but potteries

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??????? 今坐标厦门集美后溪的村子里,几个大学毕业的年轻人,盘下了一个有两百多年历史的老厝,然后又踏踏实实的把它盘活了,盘成了一片世外桃源的陶艺小天地。于是我们国际部中英班的社会实践课堂就走进村子里的陶艺空间,感受一下今日份泥土,真香~

??????? Located in a village, the studio was established by those young graduates, refurbishing a two-hundred-year-old house and decorating with hand-made potteries and porcelains. This is the place that we were having our extra-curriculum activities this time!


??????? 老厝里空间很大,但每个角落的一花一草,一砖一瓦,一瓶一罐都让人感受到主人们的用心,让我们感受到心灵的洗涤。此情此景,同学们也都迫不及待的想开始自己的艺ni术ba大业了~

??????? With large space, the studio was ornamented with delicate works, slow-pace and fascinating. The scene here enabled us to enjoy the potteries making.?


??????? 总以为“陶瓷”是一个词,经过老师讲解才明白,陶是陶,瓷是瓷,也进一步了解到陶瓷的历史发展,涨姿势了~

??????? We might only know ‘China’?before. However, after teachers’?explanation, we finally figured out the difference between potteries and porcelains and their long history!



??????? 这是同学们的拉坯进行时~

??????? We are making DIY special bowls, vases, bottles..

??????? 要静下心,要动起手,还真是看花瓶容易做花瓶难呀~Rea同学要做一个装面条的大碗,Wendy同学要做一个茶杯和花瓶送给妈妈~都是有“志向”有爱心的娃~

??????? The process of making potteries required plenty of patience. Rae would like to make a bowl for noodles, while sweet Wendy aimed to make a vase and a tea cup for mom. Wish them luck.


The muddy hands from Eason


Can you feel the joys from Vincent’s BIG smile?

??????? 我们的赵继容总校长一直鼓励同学们要热爱劳动,感受学习和生活之美,这些在陶艺课上都完美的呈现出来了。劳动人民的小手手和大笑脸必须在此纪念一下!

??????? Our headmaster Mrs Zhao Jirong always encourages students to head for more labor and to find joys from life and study. We did find them in the pottery-making activity.?





??????? 有的在擀面条,有的在包饺子,可能就缺一罐老干妈了。总之,围裙一围,个个都大厨范儿十足。然而,其实我们都在用泥巴做同一款的猫头鹰。擀,搓,揉,切,捏,刮,粘......同学们都很认真的对待~

??????? We were wearing aprons, yet, we are not cooking. We were rolling, molding and cutting, yet, we are not making dumplings. We were making our own owls step by step.



Each owl is as unique as each “ME”


Mr. Crab may appear suddenly~


Spongebob squarepants?may join us,too~

??????? 这个就特别优秀了,好吧,这不是我们做的。但我们相信我们很快就可以做的更好!

??????? Here are some outstanding works shared with you. BUT these are not made by us. Believe that we could catch up soon.

??????? 我们十分有把握地预计,两周之后,烤炉里必将有一批宇宙超级无敌神奇的艺术作品横空出世~这些神奇的作品,专注的眼神,沾满泥巴的手掌,热情洋溢的笑脸,是这个夏天里最好喝的Mojito~

??????? The unique works,the concentrating eyes,the muddy hands,the big smiles make the best Mojito in this summer~

??????? 喜茶的爆火,是传媒、设计学生的创新思维重新定义了新式茶饮。宜家的组装工艺,是立体平面设计学生的设计思维重新定义了家具市场。抖音和快手的兴起,是影视、传媒学生的营销思维重新定义了视频传播形式。我们生活的每一天,都在艺术之中,在科技发展的新时代,艺术也有了全新的定义。正式步入大学之前的高中生们,就更应该在实践中去找寻课本之外的灵感,培养自己与时俱进的思维方式。

??????? The popularity of HeyTea is credited to the innovation of media and design students, redefining TEA; Ikea's assembly process is ascribed to the design thinking of graphic design students, redefining fortune markets; the rise of Tik Tok and Kuaishou is owed to the marketing thinking of film and television and media students, redefining the form of video communication. We are embraced by art in our daily life. In the new era of technological development, art also has a brand new definition. Before stepping into the university, senior high school students should look for inspiration in practice and cultivate their way of thinking that keeps pace with time.

???????? 愿我们的孩子,眼里有光,心中有爱。既狠狠地学习知识,也全力地热爱生活,尽情地感受知识之美,劳动之美,自然之美,创造之美,生命之美!

??????? May our students?have light in their eyes and love in their hearts. Keep fighting?to learn knowledge, but also?to?love life, enjoy the beauty of knowledge, the beauty of labor, the beauty of nature, the beauty of creation, the beauty of life!

??????? 厦工附属国际部下学年中英班

??????? 社会实践课之陶艺课内容剧透如下,

??????? 敬请期待!

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